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How to Decide if You Are Using the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

As small business owners it is important for us to understand that based on the nature of our business it may not be in our best interest to try and gain a presence on every social media platform our children have an active account on. It’s important that we understand that every social media platform may not be a good fit for our business. Even though you may see other businesses similar to your own thriving on different forms of social media platforms, it doesn’t mean that your business will too. I want to see your business thrive, therefore I will share some very useful tips I have encountered along the way. Grab you a pen and paper because these tips are going to be noteworthy and useful for entrepreneurs that are looking to get started on a social media platform, trying to figure out which platform is the best for you, or restructure their current social media presence.

1. Create a Detailed List About What You Want Your Business to Look Like on Social Media

Write out the goals you want your business to accomplish via social media. Try to avoid using names of social media sites until you complete every step because choosing a social platform before you complete your research may cause you to choose a platform that may not work best with your business goals. Your list should include information like this…

  • Target my ideal customer, not every customer

  • Showcase my artwork visually

  • Easily direct followers to a purchase page

Your list should be ideal for the type of business you have, cater to your ideal customer and offer an opportunity to increase sales overtime.

2. Research Social Media Platforms

Do just that! Research social media platforms and jot down their main uses and the opportunities they offer to help small businesses gain a large following. If promotional fees or a social media coordinator will be needed to help you obtain your goals write it down and calculate it accordingly to see if you can afford it. It doesn’t hurt to compare and contrast with similar businesses just keep your vision in mind at all times and understand the difference between what you will be offering.

3. Detailed List + Social Media Platform(s) = Your Social Media Match

Refer back to your detailed list then research and match your goals with a social media platform that offers what you will need to accomplish your business goals. If you have more than one social media platform listed that can assist you in gaining a social media presence consider both or start with the one you feel best fits your needs. Find your match and start building your audience on social media.

Remember it takes time to build a social media presence, be patient with yourself and seek assistance from a professional if you have to. Keep in mind that social media platforms should be used primarily to gain an audience/followers that will offer a financial benefit to your business over time.

By Gwennetta Wright

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