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Mastering Tax Pro Due Diligence

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Worried About IRS Warnings Letters?
Confused About Tax Pro Due Diligence Requirements?

At Xpert Business Solution, our mission is to empower tax professionals with the education, resources, and tools they need to achieve success and compliance. We are committed to helping you maximize your profits, streamline your operations, and stay ahead with IRS Due Diligence.

Discover How I Eliminate
a $47,000 and a $6,000 Fine
to Zero

With 7 tax pro due diligence audits under my belt, including 2 direct and 5 involving my PTIN preparers, my insights are unmatched. I've crafted training and services to navigate these audits with finesse and confidence.


Now, I'm ready to share this game-changer with you! Transform your approach to tax pro due diligence audits and keep your tax business Compliant.

The Tax Pro Guide to Due Diligence Audits

Uncover the secrets to mastering due diligence audits with our new eBook, "The Tax Pro Guide to Due Diligence Audits." Dive into real-life scenarios, including our groundbreaking triumph of reducing a staggering $47,000 penalty to zero. This comprehensive guide is packed with expert advice, practical strategies, and valuable insights that empower you to navigate the complex world of tax pro due diligence examinations with confidence.


Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field, this eBook is your essential resource for turning IRS tax pro due diligence into victories.

Tax Pro
Due Diligence Replay


Due Diligence Compliance Check VIP Day


One-on-One Due Diligence Training for Tax Pros


Group Due Diligence Training for Tax Pros



Any product or service you purchase in reference to Tax Pro Due Diligence is not a guarantee that you will not receive any fines from the IRS. The information in all products and services is based on my personal experience going through 7 due diligence examinations and the appeals process. Some of the information provided is sourced from IRS Publications, IRS training, and All documents and recordings are the intellectual property of Gwennetta Wright and are copyrighted by Xpert Tax Services, LLC and Xpert Business Solution LLC. Recording and eBooks should not be reproduced or sold.

The due diligence training course was supreme. It was very informative, and it really prepared me for my IRS tax preparer audit. I use some of the information to create my own due diligence paperwork for my clients. As a six-year tax pro, this was my first time being audited, and this training definitely helped me to lower the tax liability. Knowing what I know now from this training webinar has allowed me to be more prepared for this and the upcoming tax years.

Barryne Richardson

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