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Top 3 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Be Doing


I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking I am going to recommend some very time consuming tasks that you should add to your To-Do- List. Well I’m sure you will be happy to know that I will not be doing that… in this blog post that is. For a while now I have found solace in reading the quotes of other successful individuals in a variety of professions. I’ve noticed that no matter the profession all successful individuals have one thing in common-they establish daily habits. I have developed 3 daily habits that have helped me remain grounded spiritually, professionally and socially. Hopefully they can do the same for you too.


If you don’t take any other daily habit from this list, take this one. You will definitely gain peace of mind by incorporating meditation into your life. The beauty of meditation is that it’s done on your own terms. No rules, no restrictions! Sometimes it can be hard adapting to meditation since majority of us have always been taught to follow a systematic structure to just about everything.

But be patient with yourself. If you want to start on your couch with your favorite snuggie and healthy snack, do just that. Feel free to use encouraging quotes to guide your thinking process. Write. Draw. Draft business ideas. Go deeper into your creativity! You will definitely finish your meditation session feeling refreshed. Go on, give it a try!


Combating Your Fears Majority of entrepreneurs fear failure- even me. In business one can fear what others will say or think about their business idea, financial insecurity, taking extreme risks and competition. While I can’t assure you that you will never fear any part of the process I can offer you some tips to assist you in tackling your fears and addressing them properly. 1. Understand Your Power You have the power to reprogram the way you think. Instead of letting your fears discourage you from moving forward on something let them propel you to act. Here is a quote that helps me refocus

“Don’t let fear of what could happen make nothing happen.” – Unknown

Embrace your fears, they come to us to help us grow and become better. Don’t let them limit you, let them facilitate growth in you. 2. Research I have noticed that when making business decisions sometimes I am fearful of them due to lack of research. Make sure you do all your research before making a decision. If you still have fear after you’ve done rigorous research take that leap of faith and remember “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

–Jack Canfield


Staying True to You I know you care about what your loved ones think about your business. I do too. It means a lot to me when my brother thinks my business ideas are great. Honestly, he doesn’t know about everything and can only offer advice based on his knowledge and experiences. No matter the connection or how bad a person may want to see you achieve your dreams remember that they don’t have all the answers. Take the constructive criticism and leave the rest.

Someone can only give you limited feedback based on what they know. They do not know the extent of your vision, skills and passion like you do. Your business is for you to envision and create not your favorite great aunt Marcy. Yes our family and friends mean well but they won’t always see our vision how we see our vision. Take the constructive criticism and move forward with your vision.

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