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The Untold Benefits of Having Your Own Business

Nowadays it seems like everyone from friends and family to newscasters, always have something bad to say about startup businesses. After long debates and a number of unwanted headaches I’ve learned to let the naysayers talk. That’s right I just shut my mouth and you should too. Don’t bother commenting on the negative business related things people share with you; instead reflect your energy elsewhere. Truth is a negative can easily be turned into a positive; it’s up to the person to choose how they want to evaluate the situation. So the next time someone attempts to bore you with dreadful information about small businesses reflect on the benefits. Here are 2 powerful benefits I am looking forward to implementing.

A Chance to Leave an Impact on Others

All of us have heard of big name businesses donating to cancer research and giving scholarships to students. It is not widely known but small businesses are doing the same. Owning your own business awards you with the opportunity to make a lasting impact on a cause you support whole-heartedly. Yes, it gives you the opportunity to give a monetary donation but it also gives you a chance to invest your time and increase awareness. If you would like to teach business classes to under-served youth in various countries, offer job opportunities or internships to college students or write the next business guide for new entrepreneurs, having your own business gives you the chance to do just that and more. Plan to leave a global impact.


Opportunity to Have Real Success Contrary to many, I believe that success can only be defined by an individual. Real success is exactly what YOU define it as. My perception of “real” success will be different from your perception of success. I’ve heard plenty of business owners say that owning a business has made it easier for them to…

  • Have more family trips

  • See their children off to school everyday

  • Pay off debt

And the list goes on. Owning a business makes it easier for you to achieve personalized success. Strive for your idea of success not somebody elses.

Drown out those dreadful stories by brainstorming on how you will:

  • Leave a Powerful Legacy


  • Achieve Your Level of Success

Stay the course, you’ve got this.

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