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2 Affordable Marketing Ideas for New Business Owners

As a new business owner marketing can tend to be an ongoing trial and error process until you figure out what works best for your business. A marketing strategy is a detailed plan that is carried out to boost sales. Below are some marketing ideas you can use to develop a marketing plan that caters to your business goals and aligns with your mission.

Let Your Customer’s Guide You Ask your customers what they think? How can you improve their experience? Sounds boring I know but your strategy should be fun and interactive for your customers. If you have a store frontyou may want to offer a survey or questionnaire for a free item. Feel free to host a CustomerAppreciation Day where you offer a deal on your services and or showcase some of your new products, and encourage your customer’s to leave you feedback on their experience via social media or word of mouth. Customers LOVE when you include them and welcome their opinions. As business owners we must always remember that our customer’s experience plays a vital role in how our business continues. If you don’t plan on using your customer’s to promote something for you, use their feedback to inspire you to develop your next marketing strategy. Show them you care and value their experience. Expand on Your Existing Social Media Site Do something different that your reader’s will enjoy. For instance, if you have a blog consider posting a blog post with a video that promotes a discount or sale you are having. Tell your customer’s to meet you on your social media site to get more information about your upcoming deals or services. This will not only direct your customers who are not following you on social media but attract potential customers to you as well. Step outside of your comfort zone just enough to spark your customer’s interest. Keep in mind that you are just doing something different than what you usually do on an existing social media account you have. Your approach should still be easily accessible for your audience. Get creative with these marketing ideas. Do something fun, engaging and creative. Don’t be afraid to invest money in your strategy. Doing something different may require you to seek outside professional help just budget accordingly and search for professionals you can afford to work with. Happy Marketing!

By Gwennetta Wright

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