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About Us

Xpert Business & Tax Solutions
“The Entrepreneur and Income Tax Industry Marketplace”
Xpert Tax Solutions was created with tax professionals in mind. As business owners, we tend to sometimes wear too many hats and Xpert Tax Solutions wants to make your job just a little bit easier. The purpose of Xpert Tax Solutions is to assist those working in the tax industry with the tools, resources, and education to be successful. We provide multiple products, services, training, and marketing tools for the tax preparation industry.
Our Mission
To provide business development, training, and resources to help tax professional and tax business owners business growth.

Meet The Owner

Gwennetta Wright is an Award-Winning Business and Tax Strategist who has earned millions on her journey as a tax professional. As a Business Owner and a Tax Professional for more than a decade, Gwennetta knows firsthand how hard it is to overcome hurdles in the business world to achieve success. Insightful and innovative, Gwennetta is a business owner trying to leave a unique mark on anyone who needs her help.

Today she uses her vast personal knowledge of building and sustaining multiple high-level business ventures to create a strong foundation for others looking to strike it out on their own. Gwennetta is viewed as more than an award-winning business entrepreneur and professional tax strategist; she is a valued community leader and philanthropist who have spent many years helping to build stronger and more diverse communities. It is her tireless passion and dedication to selfless service that has afforded her the opportunity to support aspiring entrepreneurs, mentor future business leaders, and positively impact non-profit organizations. Gwennetta’s core objective is to guide other entrepreneurs to create a strong foundation for their business by providing effective business and tax strategies so that they can operate a profitable and successful business.

“I believe in motivating the people around me to live their purpose in life. I walk by blind faith in everything I do and know the sky is the limit. I do not consider myself just a business owner, I was put on earth to be a leader and to take the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon me through my businesses and give back to my community”

Gwennetta Businesses

  • GBC Media LLC

  • Xpert Business and Tax Solutions

  • Xpert Tax Service LLC

  • Pretty Boss Fashion, LLC

  • Reach 4 Your Dream Inc.

  • Realtor with Prestige Property Broker


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@Gwennetta Wright

  • Quick Closer Award (Ellis Realty, 2007)

  • Atlanta Woman of the Week (Examiner, 2009)

  • Tenacious Business of the Year for Xpert Tax Service (The Greater Columbus Minority

  • Chambers of Commerce, 2011)

  • Small Business of the Year (Firm Grip Organization 2012, 2013)

  • Community Service Award (Courier/Eco Latino Newspaper, 2012)

  • Community Leader Award (The Columbus Times Newspaper, 2013)

  • Fancy Fest Community Award (2015)

  • Flame in the Community (Authentic Self Enterprises, LLC., 2015)

  • Outstanding Woman Award (R04D Organization, 2015)

  • Mover and Shaker of the Year (The Mover and Shakers International Network, 2015)

  • The Diamond Honor Award (Ladies Taking the Lead Organization, 2015)

  • Selected Best Tax Service in Stone Mountain, GA (2015)

  • Rated Top 3 Best Tax Services in Columbus, GA (2015)

  • Black History Emerging Leader Award on behalf of Congressman Sanford Bishop (2016)

  • Company of The Year Award (The Unstoppable Woman Organization, 2016)

  • The Best Tax Business (The Black Business Award, 2017)

  • Graduate of Steve Harvey School of Business Acceleration (2017)

  • Best Tax Service (The Small Business Excellence Awards, 2017)

  • Community Award (Beautiful Beast Network, LLC, 2017)

  • Diamond Female Business of The Year (HD Women Network, 2017)

  • Influential Community Leader Award (The Powerhouse Connect, 2017)

  • Rising Influential Leaders In Community (Courier/Eco Latino Newspaper, 2018)

  • Best Business and Tax Services of The Year (The Columbus Newspaper, 2018) Award, 2018)

  • Social Media Mogul of The Year (Tri-City Entertainment

  • Leading Woman of The Year (Tri-City Entertainment Award, 2018)

  • Golden Eagle Leadership Award (The International Dream Team Association, 2019)

  • Humanitarian Award (Tri-City Entertainment Award, 2019)

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